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Quarantine Tool Inventory

Towards the beginning of quarantine (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), I was having trouble starting to make. I had hurriedly filled some boxes with random things from my studio before I had to move out of my favorite space and...I was stuck. My typical large-scale, messy, power tool-heavy process seemed impossible and I was not sure how to move forward. After weeks of staring at the boxes shoved into my bedroom, I decided part of my problem may be not knowing or seeing what tools I have access to. That needed to change, so I searched my apartment for everything that I considered a tool (that in itself, was hard to define) and made a cyanotype of each (over 80) that corresponds with a written inventory. These images were hung all over my bedroom walls as a sort of 2-D peg board. What started out as a possible solution to a problem, ended up being an art project. That seems to be a typical theme for me though.

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