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Hambidge Center Residency

I am so grateful to have been awarded a Distinguished Fellowship that allowed me to be an artist in residence at The Hambidge Center (Rabun Gap, GA) from August 4-16. This residency was a much needed two weeks in the woods; it gave me space and time to make messes, dance, experiment, fail, read, plan, and play! There was no internet or phone service in my cabin which turned out to be a welcome break from distractions that allowed me to think more clearly than I have in a while. I met and was inspired by other amazing artists across a variety of disciplines, hiked along waterfalls, filled up a sketchbook, witnessed a sunrise from above the clouds, and heard live music for the first time in months. I left feeling motivated and inspired to create.

The photos are all images of work and experiments created during my residency.

For more information on The Hambidge Center, visit:

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