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My work examines internal and societal expectations of relentless productivity through simple yet absurd mechanical contraptions and sequences of actions. Each piece is a prototype. My newest work performs a useless task in a clumsy, inefficient way. I guide each machine through a monotonously repetitive series of motions that emphasize constant work and movement as if busy-ness, in and of itself, is a virtue. By questioning my own romanticization of physical labor and the value placed on being busy, I am simultaneously forcing myself to confront the guilt I associate with idleness and to look critically at the sense of pride that comes with a hard day’s work.



Kylie Reece Little (b. 1994) is an artist best known for sculpture and installation. She was raised in Goshen, Indiana and graduated from University of Indianapolis (2016) with a BS in Studio Art and Pre-Art Therapy. She recently received her MFA in Sculpture from the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design at Georgia State University in Atlanta (2021). Kylie creates using a variety of materials but favors wood, metal and other naturally occurring elements, such as water and soil. Her work has been exhibited at Swan Coach House Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center, Temporary Art Center, Roswell Visual Arts Center, and the Kyoto International Community House.

Kylie is currently living and making in Bakersville, NC while working as the Wood Studio Coordinator at Penland School of Crafts.

Artist Portrait (KRL)
Photo courtesy of Chris Carder
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