Kylie Little is an artist best known for sculpture, installation, and eco-art. She was born in 1994 in Goshen, Indiana and graduated from University of Indianapolis with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and Pre-Art Therapy with a concentration in Sculpture. Kylie creates using a variety of materials but favors wood, metal and other naturally occurring elements, such as soil. She allows the materials to directly influence and guide her artwork and the process of its creation.

Amidst the Anthropocene, she finds it especially important to give agency to the non-human objects and materials that surround us; she attempts to do this by segmenting issues you cannot directly see or touch, such as the expanse of global warming, and making those segments visible and tactile. She considers herself an eco-materialist because she is conscious of the forms of matter involved in making and advocates for viewers to seek out a mutually beneficial relationship with these natural substances.


Her latest research deals with the the personal guilt associated with the state of the environment and the process of trying to make up for it through labor. That act, along with the act of construction are often visible in her finished work. She feels that hiding things such as her hand prints in the mud or the hardware used to join steel, would ultimately hide the physicality of the process which is among the most important components of her work.


She is currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia and is an MFA candidate at Georgia State University.



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